Friday, May 4, 2012

I am a Genius

I have not yet received my Mensa membership card but I assure you it is in the mail.  As I sit here at la mesa, I figure I’m a shoe in. I had the card sent to my ivory tower, a.k.a. my studio. This is my kingdom where I rule and I am king. Not yet ruler of the world, on some days I consider myself close, as long as I don’t go outside the threshold of the studio doors. I have supremacy over all materials in my hands. There are no uprisings from minions as my thoughts become actions. Every idea is pure brilliance for I am a genius!

But why is it every time I walk out of my tower and leave my kingdom, I feel like a king with new clothes. All those great ideas for paintings and ways to rule the art world have all these obstacles and conditions. I share my ideas and masterpieces with other kings that have taken that leisurely stroll outside their comfort zone, I mean, tower. They share their stories on reigns of terror and accomplishments at the easel. We gloat with a boisterous laugh as we raise our chalices to toast our successes. Once we have parted ways and the peasant’s daylight hits our creations, they become tarnished. They lose the luster as more eyes gaze upon them; more words said about them dent the original meaning.

Being smarter than the average guy, I realize I need a cape to cover my emperor’s clothes. Plus the cape will help me quickly get back to my ivory tower by either stealth or flight. The massive cape helps deflect the self-doubt as I dash back to my tower. Once I reach my kingdom, I enter and close the doors to the peasants behind me.  I check the pile of mail hoping the mail carrier delivered my Mensa card, no such luck. Again being smarter and thinking ahead of my time, maybe it is in the form of an email. I check my inbox only to find gallery and show rejections. Now with time to kill as I wait for my membership, I catch up with some videos of a couple of friends, Pinky and the Brain