Monday, April 11, 2011

I (Heart) Tomorrow

I have this quote written on my wall by Ernest Hemmingway “I always worked until I had something done, and I always stopped when I knew what was going to happen next. That way I could be sure of going on the next day. I was free then to go anywhere in Paris to exercise, to become physically tired. Then it is also good to make love to the one you love.” I have a bunch of inspirational quotes written on my wall right next to my easel. I particularly like this one and relate to it everyday. No, not walking the streets of Paris, it is too far away. Nor the second part about “making love.” This isn’t that kind of blog. I love the idea about leaving enough to finish tomorrow.

The thought of not finishing something could drive one crazy. When I leave something to finish up the next day it isn’t because of laziness. Actually, it helps with the procrastination I would find waiting for me tomorrow. Knowing I have something to finish when I stand in front of the easel is like a double shot of caffeine. I don’t have to think, I just have to do. Everything is already planned out. How sweet is that?

Having something planned out for tomorrow is relatively easy. Working hard all day and placing those perfect accumulations of brush strokes is the hardest part. Watching the clock and knowing when to stop is the dilemma. If the day plays out well and doesn’t become a Greek tragedy, I am all set. When I get to that point towards the end of the day when I know where I’m going, I try to stop. The operative word is “stop.”

I can put everything down, turn off the griddles that melt the wax, shut off the lights and close the studio door behind me. I can continue with the evening in luxury, sipping a cocktail and enjoying the company of friends and family. My mind is at ease, free of worries and concerns about what is going to happen tomorrow.

I got to the studio in the morning and read another quote from my wall. “The hardest day was yesterday.” This is a motto from the US Navy Seals. I didn’t write it. My Uncle a retired Sea Bee stole a pencil and vandalized my wall with thoughts of yesterday. I kept it because I thought I could relate…to writing on other peoples’ walls. Which reminds me, next step is to publish on FB


  1. you have a very interesting post here!Nice.

    (Although I think that there is a bit too much restlessness in Hemingway's quote...just what I felt.:))

  2. @ Debu - thank you. Maybe he worked really hard at first. ;)