Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Client That Needs Improvement

Ten years ago I met a wonderful art consultant that fell in love with my work. Since then she has been trying to place my art in many of her client’s collections to no avail. For this, I do not blame her. My art is not exactly the type of art that you would see in the “blue suit” corporate world of cubicles.  But, to her credit, she never gave up trying. Last October she had found the perfect client, the perfect building and the perfect wall and I of course had the perfect painting.

This client had a building filled with clients that rented office space to some of their clients. Are you following along? One of the building’s clients didn’t like the painting that hung in that floor’s corridor. So, my art consultant’s client moved the painting to another floor to satisfy their client. Still the client was not satisfied and wanted the artwork removed. By now I assume you realize that this artwork is my masterpiece that a trusted and faithful art consultant had placed on that perfect wall.

Last week I received the call that the client’s client wasn’t happy with my painting. There were a few different roads I could take here. 1) All sales are final! 2) But, I am an artist. I have the freedom of expression, they just don’t understand. 3) Laugh and think the whole thing is ridiculous. I chose option 3 and reflected on how the squeaky wheel gets their way and went on a small rant about political correctness.  Don’t get me started on teachers not being able to grade with a red pen because it affects the children’s self esteem. So, as an artist and a businessman with a client to satisfy, I told her she was more than welcome to bring her client to the studio and choose another piece.

We arranged a studio visit and I had made all the preparations to impress my client…wine, cheese and sparkling water. Don’t forget the flowers that accented the artwork on the walls. Everyone was happy and all was off to a good start until the client said, “I can’t have anything with a woman or alcohol.” I thought to myself…self, have they seen what I paint? Luckily, I have a big studio and lots of storage. They found something to hang on that perfect wall. As for the grumpy client that received too many red marks on his test papers, I’m not sure if he is happy or if he ever will be happy. But, I signed the painting, in red, and refrained from putting a smiley face next to it.

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