Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I need more space...

I'm sure that sometime during high school or college, you heard these words from a significant other. Maybe it was an excuse to end a relationship. Well this year I am using it to end my relationship with clutter. Space is one of those things you can never have enough of; kind of like money. The more space you have, the more money you spend filling up that empty space until the time comes when you have no more space and less money. I've reached that point and I'm going to put a little space between me and my stuff...I'm building a shed.

Seven years ago I built a very nice studio. It was a perfect relationship. I didn't have too much baggage, just a few basic needs. I needed a place to paint, to lay out my stuff and not worry about putting it away. I needed a space for my computer and an area to contemplate that doubled as a place to entertain. Then it grew and grew. The space I loved began to stifle me. A tad bit of OCD kicked in and everything needed a a place. I needed my space back. The problems started to occur when I bought something, used it for a project, then wanted to save the remaining pieces. Side note: How many artists have pieces of matteboard or foam core that are 4 inches wide and 36 inches long? This is the compulsive behavior that I am talking about! The big gold frame, the tubes of fluorescent paint and the gold and silver leaf that I thought were part of a creative breakthrough, need a place to nest and incubate until they can be used to bring into fruition my next masterpiece! Maybe that's it, maybe it's not clutter. Maybe my studio has become a hatchery! All these pieces and scraps of "good idea" projects along with all the shipping supplies needed to send these creations to people who care, have crept into the house.

Now, my wife says she needs her, I'm building another hatchery for myself.


  1. I might be able to use some of that gold leaf around Jesus's head in my painting. See will take care of all that stuff.

  2. Michael if i rent you the gold leaf you can't use it cause i'll want it back. Oh i'll think of something to use it on.