Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Artist, The Commissioner, The Businessperson

My idea for a new reality tv show or is this just reality...

The Artist: A free spirited individual with creativity being the main driving force. Enjoys quite time reflecting upon their sheer genius. Can be dependable, but prone to distraction by shiny objects and other non/productive tasks. Usually found feverishly working in front of an easel constantly switching mediums spawned by brilliant ideas. They can also be found walking around in circles or walking back and forth staring at a big blank canvas perched on an easel, not really knowing what will happen next.

The Commissioner: A creative supporter of the arts who enjoys the fruits of the artist’s labor but usually lacks the ability to create more than a stick figure. Enjoys communicating and sharing their profound ideas and imposing them on others. Always very successful at their other job and has extra income to share with those that can add shading to a stick figure. The Commissioner comes in many shapes and sizes and can be found almost anywhere.  Some unassuming ones can be found in a cubicle diligently typing in front of a computer. They can also be found walking briskly through city streets with a phone attached to their ear demanding that the person on the other end buy or sell something. The rarest and most difficult Commissioners to find are hardly seen because they are usually vacationing on some remote island. They can only be reached through informants who filter out undesirables that may interrupt them as they develop their superior ideas.

The Businessperson: This part can be casted by a multitude of persons. Sometimes the artist switches hats and steps away from the easel to become the businessperson. Other times it is a mediator or liaison that has a better understanding of the terrain that separates the artist’s Ivory Tower from the bustling network of office buildings. The Businessperson can usually be found sitting in front of a lavish meal and a bottle of wine, (known in the industry as a sales lubricant) chatting and smiling with any of the above characters. Although this description can be interpreted as suspicious, the best business people have all parties benefitting while being well rewarded for their negotiating skills.

Act I
Scene I
Commissioner approaches the Artist regarding speculative work. [Enter Businessperson] who entertains both parties and all the ideas, later to flush out a reasonable set of rules to engage. Artist retreats to the Ivory Tower, thinking she/he has super natural powers of clairvoyance. Commissioner retreats to exclusive lair and assembles minions to establish a chain of hierarchy. Businessperson continues eating and drinking then picks up the tab. [Pan] to Ivory Tower where Artist quietly celebrates their ability to shade stick figures and creates multiple versions of this masterpiece, reinforcing the idea they can clearly see the multiple personalities of the Commissioner. (The Commissioner in this story continues to work on their tan and build their empire.) [Businessperson enters] collects artist’s attempts and reports to the commissioner. [Cut to Businessperson] return to artist’s studio with modifications and a translation of the Commissioner’s imaginative pure brilliance. The Businessperson opens previously purchased wine, this time solely with the artist, this is to help remind the artist that if he/she would like to continue living in the Ivory Tower, compromises must be made to appease the creative supporter of the arts. [Artist retreats] gathers remaining ego and then continues to rework original masterpieces to fit a more general appeal. Businessperson reminds artist that collaborations sometimes result in great masterpieces. After all, architects don’t build their own buildings. A happy medium is reached; commissioner’s vision is satisfied while artists pride and false view of integrity are upheld. [Fade to black]

Scene II
Setting: Commissioner’s Luxurious Estate
[Businessperson is hardly seen during this time] Artist presents the shared masterpiece to the applause of the Commissioner and minions. Much celebrating ensues as they recall moments of shared genius. Lots of high fives and back patting fills the estate with a warm fuzzy feeling. The champagne glasses clink, the Commissioner parts with his/her hard earned money, which will be split with the artist and Businessperson. [Dim lights on masterpiece. Curtain closes]


Act II
Scene I
Setting: Gallery
Minion approaches Businessperson to share the fact that Commissioner has had a change of heart and no longer considers the artwork a work of genius. [Pan to Ivory Tower] Armed with a list of color changes, a request for a bit more sunlight, and some more elements to help with the composition, the Businessperson cautiously approaches the Ivory Tower to present the new proclamation to the artist. Receiving the news, the artist…to be continued


  1. This sounds much better than the Work of Art TV show. I suggest you cast yourself in the lead - which, of course, is The Artist! Good one, Jeff!

  2. thanks Nancy. I'm not sure i'm fit to play an artist. HA!