Thursday, November 15, 2012


This happens to be one of the most awkward responses we have in the English language. People use this word in such random circumstances. Since I’m an artist and randomly talk about art, I’ll start here.

Recently I did an art show. (See previous paragraph, because I’m an artist this is one of the venues I go to sell my wares.) I take my craft, talent, discipline, vocation, whatever you would like to call it, very seriously. I tend to think of it as a mixture of work and passion. It’s an odd alchemy of blessings and curses. I find that I am blessed to have the talent to create and cursed that I need to create. A condition, which, with the right amount of discipline, can become a profession.  So I do. I make and I create; then try to earn a living at it. In prior years and up to this date it has been pretty successful.

One of the reasons it is so successful is because I go to theses venues, “art shows” or “galleries”, and sell my “what I do” things. If all is done right, the mixture of patrons, art aficionados, friends, family and the curious converge into the space where I have my creations for sale… I’m not saying this is lightning in a bottle but a piece of artwork sells. CONGRATULATIONS! No, this isn’t a time for that word. It is a planned strategic business decision. I created artwork, placed it in a venue where I had the best opportunity to prosper and continue my love hate relationship with my passion. Don’t get me wrong; I love it when a plan comes together. But, this is the expected outcome.

Imagine a petrol station strategically placed on the exit ramp of a well-traveled expressway. The odds of someone needing to refuel their gas guzzling horseless carriage are pretty good. Would you congratulate the man that helps you in your choice of petroleum products? Just because he had the right product at the right venue at the right time, doesn't warrant a congratulations. You should be congratulated for being at the right place, at the right time and understanding the true value of "E" = empty. If you feel the need to impart your wisdom and enthusiasm for their service you might suggest some punctuation on their sign "Eat Here Get Gas." 

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