Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Going Green

Last week I was tapped to jury an art show. Between being honored and busy I decided it was a good idea to broaden my horizons and put another notch in my belt. Not that I was getting fatter. It was more that my doors needed widening cause my head was getting bigger. Then I started to philosophically daydream, you know that stream of images where you are actually looking up at yourself saying, “Wow!” Now take that awe and mix it with an imaginative artist’s mind and you can make Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Coat look like a windbreaker.

Now allow me to jump up on the awards platform to share my genius idea and how I came to the conclusion that I should go green. In a delusion of grandeur I decided that if they picked me to jury a show of 70 artists, I must hold something special in my keen artistic aesthetic. Then self-doubt creeps in…what should I choose? How should the show look? Do they want my aesthetic or is this some mediocre show where I'm supposed to give everyone an award because they showed up. What if all the artists are waiting in the next room and I am the one that decides it they will continue making flat ill proportioned figures holding pet cats or send them packing to consider another hobby like making macramé wine bottle holders. The pressure is on; my ego and artistic merit is at stake.

I arrive at the designated location 10 minutes early to compose myself and make sure my head fits out the car door. The rain drizzles and builds upon the windshield. I watch as artists open their car trunks, pull out their masterpieces and scramble to make the deadline. The artists that disembark from their cars are of all ages and  not to stereotype but an observation is they are mostly women. The target on my big head just got bigger. The deadline for entries approaches and I come to the conclusion that they chose me because of my artistic vision, aesthetics and frequent genius moments. It's 11 o'clock and I have been known to have my most genius moments at this time. So here it comes. Not to be held at fault for insulting the elders, discouraging the pet painters, the watercolor dabblers or oil mud makers but…I decide I'm going green! Any painting that has green in it will be accepted. Damien Hirst look out, I have placed the diamond encrusted skull to the side and have trumped you with a conceptual piece that is bigger than your Tigershark and doesn't need replacement. Plus, I'm so in touch with the cultural movement of going green. It's 11:01 and I head in to change the art world. Luckily for me it is a double door entrance!

The moral of the story is don't be disappointed if you are rejected from a juried show. There may be no rhyme or reason. People have bad days, outlandish thoughts and agendas. Be confident in your work and always show confidence along with quality.

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