Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Am I old or productive?

I reflected upon the past week and am looking ahead at this week with a sense of satisfaction. Yet I can’t decide if I’m just getting older or more productive. Here is my argument; I actually have somewhat of a schedule or others call it, a routine.

I’ll use my grandmother as an example. She always tells everyone in that proud grandmother brag book sort of way “He is an artist.” Bless her soul, she is old but awesome. Here is a little story that should sum her up. Last summer we were sitting around the pool enjoying the sunshine. She had been staying at the studio and really had a chance to see my work and what I do. My gram turns to me and asks, “So who buys your stuff? It doesn’t really go with anything.” I tried to reply but she quickly said, “We love you, but…well God bless ya.”

Ok. That’s my gram. She has long been retired and now has a routine. Tuesday is laundry. Wednesday is change the bed sheets. Lunch is at noon promptly followed by tea. Some more laundry and cleaning with dinner at 5:00, followed by reading the paper and the news, more television, their favorite shows, then bed. Repeat.  This is a great way to get things done but ask them to go out to an impromptu lunch or throw a wrench in the plan and all goes to pot. The response is usually, “Oh no honey, we can’t go because I have to do laundry.” Really, how backed up is their week going to be? Is this being old or having a productive routine?

Then I started to look at my week. On Sunday I write my blog. Monday I type and post my blog. Later its out to lunch and some errands and then back to the studio to catch up on emails.  On Tuesday I catch up on everything I didn’t do Monday and then I paint. Wednesday is my paint day; with no one around I sequester myself to the studio. I really try to not check email; there are no meetings and no appointments, just painting. Thursday is a little more flexible. It usually involves some marketing, calling galleries, updating the website, bills and maybe some painting. On Friday I post the painting I’ve been working on Facebook, clean up the studio, and usually have a meeting or two. On Saturday it’s about family time, yard work, or kids sporting events. Sunday comes and repeat (see beginning of paragraph).

Now here is the dilemma; I feel like I’m being productive! And, the routine can even be broken down more. I wake up, get the kids to school, go to the gym or run, have my coffee, read the newspaper, (fill with day of the week). Then I have a 3:00 espresso, (back to day of the week), and at 6:00 it’s dinner time.

That’s my week. But let’s not forget, I usually call my gram on Sundays to see how she is and how her week went. I call my mom on Monday to tell her how my week is going and then we reminisce about the time I was little and the teachers liked my drawings; even predicted that I would be an artist


  1. Ah ah ah. Too funny. Maybe the intuition finds its origin in the daily practice of technics. In this case, you're late. Your grandmother is far more trained...

  2. A little routine couldn't hurt anyone. It gives you something to work against when you want to break out and live it up - maybe do laundry on Thursday even. You're a good son and grandson to check in with those important women in your life. Good for you - and for them!

  3. @ Alex - Yes, Gram knows best.
    @ Nancy - A little routine does give me something to break, I like it. My mom raised me well.