Monday, March 21, 2011

Silent like the “T” in tsunami

It’s Sunday and I am supposed to write my blog. I thought all week, and all day today about what I was going to write. Nothing! I came up with nothing, but I can’t write about nothing. Seinfeld did that already. I could write about the politics of the times but I have never really publicly voiced an opinion. Do I really want to start a debate between my 394 friends? Passing posts and hitting like, even though it is fun and many times informative, it isn’t comparable to sitting across from someone and watching a smile come across their face because of something you said. Or on the other end, a comment that falls flat because they disagree.  There is that uncomfortable reaction in human nature that flows quickly through your body and ends with a silent awkwardness. Then the subject quickly changes to the weather.

So I blog on this Sunday in protest of something that happened this week. I blog in excitement because of something that happened this week. I silently praise something that has happened this week. I share something that happened today. I invited three sets of people today to my studio for brunch. They didn’t know each other but I believed they could share something and maybe benefit from four hours of casual conversation. There was no agenda, just a chance to introduce a few people that I know who share an interest in my life and in my art.

In a world of protest, excitement, praise, and sometimes a difference of opinion it ends up being about real people, real conversation and body language. Of course there is always libations and food, the common denominator, to bring all the people together. I base all intellectual conversation on how long it takes to reference pop culture. We had wonderful conversation for 3.5 hours until we mentioned Charlie Sheen, and I couldn’t help but talk about Fun Fun and Friday

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