Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So Last Minute

While getting ready for a show the other day I was speaking with an artist. We were talking about last minute things. Now I’m not talking about packing for a 10-day vacation the morning you leave. I always pack the night before, give or take a few minutes before midnight. I’m talking about last minute painting or creating. Every artist has done this. Some call it “finishing touches.” For me personally, there are a lot more than touches that need to be done. It usually starts with “if I could just…” followed by, “make 3 more paintings.” Or “make 20 limited edition prints.” The other phrase I play in my head is, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” That expression could be completed with, “I printed 100 t-shirts for the show.” or, “I changed all my matts to white and reframed everything.”

Here is the best part of the story. It usually is a great idea. When the artist and I discussed this we both agreed that whatever was created was usually good. Better yet, it usually sold. This has happened to me time and time again. The last minute phenomenon happened in high school when I submitted my work to an art show. The entry forms were done way in advance and I had committed myself to many categories. I had everything done except one pastel drawing. I just couldn’t get it together. I finally scraped the 1st idea and did a quick drawing to satisfy the entry forms. I have to say it was rather sweet. The judges thought so too and awarded it “Best of Show.”

So maybe the pressure of deadlines puts a little more confidence in your stroke. The ticking clock makes your hand quicker while enabling the brush to dance across the canvas. Procrastination brings focus to your mind and an acute tunnel vision for perfection. It’s not the finishing touches but rather it’s the heat of the moment that drives the desire to create.

Yes, I should have wrote this Sunday night and posted it Monday but I’m so last minute. 

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