Monday, June 6, 2011

Hero or the A-hole who stopped traffic?

I was thinking… I know it’s a bad way to start a blog. I’ll start off by stating it’s been a tough week and I was pulled in many directions. Don’t worry this isn’t going to turn into a self-help session or radical venting blog.

Once upon a time...there is an accident ahead of you. You pull your car over and like a good citizen, you help. Now, the car behind you sees you running to the rescue. Little do they know, the last CPR class you took was in high school. That’s ok, you look like a concerned citizen and a good guy. Now the guy behind him sees the smoke and fire from the accident and sees the problem. More than likely he will understand and wait it out. Now go back ten cars out of sight and that driver is pissed because he is stuck in traffic. See how quickly one becomes the A-hole who stopped traffic?

Don’t worry my CPR certificate expired 2 years ago. I wasn’t in an accident but have been the first guy on the scene and have been the tenth car back

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