Friday, September 21, 2012

Conversations Between an Artist and Their Spouse

"… I know we were supposed to be there an hour ago but I got caught up in the creative spirit. I just needed one more brush stroke, one more line and a touch of red. I was about to turn off the lights and shut the door and then I realized if I darkened the bottom right corner, the whole painting would come to life.  I’m sorry."

"I’m sorry that I didn’t realize this was going to be such a formal party. I swear on the invite it said the dress was casual and that we were allowed one guest. I chose you dear because you are so special and you support all of my endeavors. No one will notice the paint on my pants. It’s not my fault. Everyone came right from work wearing suits and ties. I just came from painting. We are fine. We will fit right in. I love you."

"I’m sorry. You must be so exhausted. We will leave shortly. I just have to look at this painting one more time. – Oh, there is the artist. I’ll just say hi. It will be quick. – Oh, there is the gallery director. I should probably go over and introduce myself. Why don’t you go get a glass of wine, I’ll only be a minute… 30 minutes later…I ended up meeting that guy who owns the coffee shop down the street. He knew who I was! I was so honored. Then he asked me if I’d hang some paintings in there next month. We should probably stop in for coffee and check out the place. Oh, I love you."

"So what did you think of the show? It is definitely not what I expected. I can’t believe they can show such crap! I don’t understand. I could probably have a show there. I would probably do way better. I would even have red dots on the wall. Did you notice that they had no red dots? There was only a green one. Really? Do they really think that means hold? That’s just dumb. They should just buy it…well if it was good. But it’s crap! If that were my piece, it would have had a red dot. Honey…honey, are you awake? I love you."

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